You Won’t Believe Who Was Wearing These Socks At A Business Forum In NYC! #FTW


Who knew a pair of socks could cause such a stir across the internet? Well, it is the internet – and the internet will stir itself up for just about anything! The Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, decided to wear a questionable choice of fashion in his socks while attending a business forum in New York City.

The socks themselves weren’t very business professional, but rather were a pair of Chewbacca socks, from the much loved Star Wars saga. The photo of the socks went viral, which sparked a playful Twitter blast from the star of the Star Trek original series, William Shatner.

Shatner tweeted his disapproval of the Star Wars socks, lamenting that he had thought that he and Trudeau could have otherwise been friends. The playful rivalry between Star Wars and Star Trek fans is nothing new, though many people like both just fine.


The rest of the internet, who like neither, are probably rolling their eyes. The tweet from Shatner sparked Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamilton to chime in with his own approval of Trudeau’s choice in socks … and a joking comment about some Star Wars underwear that Trudeau must be wearing underneath his expensive suite.


Thankfully, Trudeau has a good sense of humor, and lamented that his Star Wars undergarments haven’t fit in a while. With the way that some other world leaders have been acting, it’s nice to see a prime minister who doesn’t have a problem taking a joke, especially about his love for novelty socks.


Predictably, Twitter loved the interaction between Trudeau and the living legends of some of the most profitable and well known franchises in the entire world. Trudeau has always had a reputation of not taking himself too seriously, along with that Canadian kindness.

Oh, not to mention his extensive sock collection.

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