Woman Suffering From Selfie Dysmorphia Goes Under The Knife For An Unbelievable Reason


Sometimes, our self esteem issues can get out of control. With the way that society is, it can be hard to feel good about yourself, especially if you’re not conventionally attractive – or even if you’re naturally aging. One mother got so obsessed with wanting to look good that her plastic surgery obsession got entirely out of control. Lucy O’Grady is a mother who took selfies and then used a photo retouch app on her phone to make herself look better.

As a full time carer for her 11 year old autistic son, Sterling, Lucy had time on her hands to make some changes to her appearance digitally. But she loved how she looked in those photos so much that she became absolutely obsessed with looking that way in real life, too.

Of course, Lucy soon found that after she uploaded her edited selfies, she didn’t look at all like the person she was pretending to be online. Back in the mirror was the same old Lucy. When someone she met online told her she looked different in person, Lucy decided to take photoshop to the real world and started getting plastic surgery. Soon, Lucy was spending upwards of £2,000 regularly on all of her looks.

But, when Lucy took a holiday and break from social media … all of her self confidence issues disappeared. Who would have thought taking her away from all of the pressure to look a certain way would snap her out of her obsession? Well, every psychiatrist on Earth, but it was a revelation for Lucy!

Now, she’s feeling much better about herself and has decided to speak up about her self esteem issues and warn other people about these unachievable looks. Maybe someone ought to hold all those doctors accountable for making a buck and not caring at all whom it hurt? No? Oh, well. One can dream.

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