Woman Roasting Someone Because Of Small Engagement Ring Gets Roasted Instead


In this day and age, a lot of people think bigger is better – especially when it comes to something as expensive as jewelry. Strangely enough, though, it seems like the newer generation that’s growing up, having lived through the recession and post-Bush era, have begun pushing back against this notion.

After all, look at how many articles have been written about all of the industries that millennials are “killing”. A woman on twitter mocked the size of another woman’s engagement ring – declaring that such a small ring would be a disappointment after having waited so long to get engaged.

Thankfully, the rest of Twitter is not having any kind of ring-size shaming! A lot of people took offense to the idea that the size of the engagement ring should matter, not the expensive of it. After all, isn’t the love that you feel for the other person the only thing that matters?

If you’re going to get engaged to someone just for the ring, you’re probably getting engaged for all the wrong reasons! Everyone came to the defense of small, simple, single-diamond engagement rings. Many people also had heartwarming stories to tell about their own engagement, or the engagement of their parents.

Of course, there were some people who were on the side of the girl who didn’t think that a small ring was suitable, but they were far and in between. Even men got into it! The size of the ring doesn’t matter when it comes to deciding to spend the rest of your life loving someone. After all, you’re marrying the person – not the ring!

Hopefully, someone looking on got a lesson on shaming someone for the size of their ring – because it certainly has nothing to do with the size of their love.

Spread the roast, people!

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