Woman Rips Off Boyfriend’s Junk Because She Was Distracted By… The X Factor?!


Men everywhere will be gripping their privates in sympathy and demanding that there’s no more distracting noises while they’re getting down with their lady friends after they read about the absolute disaster that happened to one couple.

34 year old Emma Pearce was having a go with her fiancé , 28 year old Allan Blake, when she suddenly became distracted by the television, which was playing X Factor. Now, it’s not really unusual for couples to have sex while music or the television is playing. But most people don’t get so distracted by the television that they accidentally … rip their boyfriend’s penis.

Yeah. Ouch. Emma was trying to lean to see the television while she was in the middle of having a round of sex with Allan when she leaned just a little too far. Before Emma knew what was happening, there was blood everywhere. She had no idea what had happened or what to do, but Allan was probably not having fun, either.

Emma hurried her fiancé into the bathroom to see the damage and called 111 non-emergency to see what she should do. They wrapped up the poor man’s penis in a cold flannel to get the swelling down, then went ahead and visited their GP a couple days later.

Luckily, Allan had only torn his frenulum, which is a thin skin on the penis. It’ll heal all on its own, but he’s probably at risk of tearing it again. Maybe no more romantic evenings on the sofa? The couple can’t have sex until it heals, but Allan probably isn’t all that into getting frisky for a while.

Guys, you better be careful the next time you decide to Netflix and Chill. Make sure there’s nothing interesting on TV or you might just end up with a chunk of your private bits gone.

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