Woman Receives Creepy Note From A Stranger And It’ll Leave You With Nightmares


Getting a little love note from a secret admirer can be such a thrilling and exciting experience. Usually, people know who their secret admirer is in one way or the other. The thing that makes it secret is that they don’t know the other person admires them.

One man in particular doesn’t seem to understand the concept of handing out secret admirer notes like a normal person. The anonymous man hangs out around Middlesbrough, and has reported given a typed letter to random women who are just trying to go about their day.


The letter isn’t just asking a pretty woman out on a date, either. No, no. This stranger takes it an entire step further. Instead of just trying to work up the confidence to ask a woman out on a date, this man has the strange audacity to suggest that whatever woman he hands the note to meet him for a “private £Arrangement”. The women who have been handed this note reported feeling grossed out and even a little violated.

And well, what woman wouldn’t? The man is basically asking women if they want to meet up for sex in exchange for money. The note describes the man as looking for unattached fun, and since it’s typed he seems to have a stockpile that he can just hand out to any woman that he sees and finds unattractive.

What happened to swiping left or right on Tinder? Apparently, this guy got rejected enough times and decided to try his luck at a more hands on approach. It’s probably illegal to be soliciting strange women for sex for pay, but the note doesn’t really specify that. Rather, he gets quite creative with his spelling of “£Arrangement”.

One of these days, he’s going to hand one of his love letters to the wrong lady and her husband is going to be right around the corner.

Spread the creepiness, people.

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