Woman Purchases A New Car With Only A Packet Of… Szechuan Sauce?


Fans of televisions shows are always bound to do something crazy. The fans of Rick and Morty have superseded any and all crazy happenings in the last few years. The cartoon recently aired with an episode that featured an old McDonald’s promotional sauce, back from when Mulan aired, as a major plot device.

The sauce, called Szechuan sauce, was been special in the fans’ hearts ever since. The sauce is, of course, no longer available. But because of the fan’s loving dedication to the show, McDonald’s decided to bring it back for one day. Unfortunately, McDonald’s entirely underestimated the fans of Rick and Morty.

Each location during the promotion only had twenty packets of sauce available, and fans lined down the street in hopes to get this special Szechuan sauce from their favorite television show. One woman managed to snag one of the 20 available packets after driving to Detroit and waiting in line.


Credit: Rachel Marie

Rachel Marie, a 23 year old graphic designer and fan of the show, was almost tempted to just eat it. But, she had a better idea. Because of the lack of sauce available, Rick and Morty fans were willing to do just about anything to get their hands on the damn thing.

So, when she posted in a group willing to trade the sauce for something she needed, she got a ton of offers. And Marie managed to outsmart every single Rick and Morty fan – because she traded the sauce for a car. Now, that’s something.


Credit: Rachel Marie

If you’re so fanatical about a television show that you would be willing to trade a vehicle for some sauce that you could probably make at home, you probably deserve to be cheated out of a car. Marie, on the other hand, is living the high life with her new used car.

Spread the art of deal, people!

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