Woman Lets Ex-Boyfriend Tattoo Her Eye, Immediately Regrets It.


How much do you trust your significant other? Most people would say quite a bit. Would you trust them to tattoo your most vulnerable place on your body: your eyeball? Yeah, that’s about where everyone’s trust taps out. There’s only so much trust you can place in someone you’re with, even if you’ve been with them for years.

Unfortunately, a model from Ottawa, Canada, decided to place that much trust in her boyfriend and now is facing surgery and, possibly, blindness after the botched attempt at an eye tattoo. To set the scene, Catt Gallagher is a 24 year old Canadian model who, at one point, had quite stunning eyes.

Unfortunately, that’s all gone a bit sideways now. Her then-boyfriend and now-ex (as he rightly should be!) Eric Brown has convinced her to get the white part of her eye tattooed. And while that sounds horrific in and of itself, Gallagher thought that she could trust Brown with the procedure, since he was a tattoo artist and she had seen his previous work.

What a bad, bad decision that was. According to Gallagher, Brown didn’t mix the in with saline and used pure ink and the wrong size needle, leaving Gallagher with a big, purple eye, blurry vision and a hell of a lot of pain.

Brown tried to defend himself in saying that it was Gallagher’s fault that the eye tattoo had gone wrong, but when you’re shoving a needle into someone’s eye, you definitely need to know exactly what you’re doing before you do it. Now, Gallagher is facing surgery in order to try and correct the damage, but there’s not a lot that her doctors know what to do.

At least Gallagher kicked Brown to the curb after the incident. Really, once you blind your significant other it’s probably time to call it quits.

Spread the mistakes, people…

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