Woman Left Utterly Shocked After Seeing What Her In-Laws Gifted Her For Her Birthday


We’ve all had our share of bad gifts from people. Sometimes, people only know that they have to give you a gift, rather that knowing exactly the right gift to give. For one mother, her in-laws managed to give her a gift so bad that she wasn’t even sure how they managed it.

As her birthday approached, a woman who had been married to her husband for fifteen years assumed that her in-laws were going to give her something pretty special. After all, it was a significant birthday, according to her. Her husband had told her that her in-laws had pitched in to get her something really lovely for her birthday.

And how fun! Of course everyone likes to know that they’re getting gifts, and from the sounds of it, it was supposed to be a nice one. Her husband had guessed by the size of the gift, it was going to be jewelry. Well, unless a chocolate bar has become the new chic item to wear, it was most decidedly not jewelry.

Her in-laws had pitched in … a whole pound and a half … to get her a chocolate bar. Sure, it was the kind of chocolate that she wanted, but not really the kind of gift one is expecting to get on a significant birthday.

The distraught mother sought advice online, and most people were pretty sympathetic. Some asked to her to check the box and make sure she wasn’t missing some other part of the gift. But alas, all she got was a chocolate bar. Really, the phrase “pitched in” seems to imply that both in-laws had to work pretty hard to get her something nice.

Maybe they meant they bought it, and they both pitched in carrying it home? Well, hopefully it was a good chocolate bar.

Spread the excitement, people!

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