Woman Gets A Tattoo On Her Chest, Now Regrets It Because “It’s All About My Boobs”


It’s pretty common to get a tattoo and regret it later. Eighteen is usually the age that most teenagers get their first tattoo, since it’s their first real taste of freedom. Most people who have multiple tattoos have at least one tattoo that they regret getting and are now over. For some people, that tattoo is particularly small and easy to cover up.

For others, the regrettable tattoo is pretty big and noticeable. One woman, Adele Smith, is beginning to regret her once sentimental tattoos after ten years of having them. The tattoos in question are two big paw prints set just on her chest. Originally, the paw prints were kent to commemorate her Newfoundland, Max.

After eight years, Max had reached his life expectancy and Smith had had him for the better part of her adolescence. At eighteen, she decided to get his paw prints traced and taken to a local tattoo shop. Because they were so large, the only place Smith could think to have them done was her chest. So, like most eighteen year olds, she made a poor decision with one of her first tattoos.

At first, she really loves them. But after a while, the only thing that people noticed were the massive paw prints on her cleavage. During University, she used to show anyone who asked, but then people started being cruel about it. Now at the age of 28, Smith is really regretting her decision to get Max’s paw prints. She can’t get a date because men only seem interested (or disgusted) in her tattoos.

She blames the tattoos on the fact that she hasn’t had a serious relationship in the last ten years since she first got them. She’s decided to get laser treatment to remove them, but it’s going to cost at least £1,000 and going to take over a year. Kids, don’t tattoo massive things on your chest. Your brain isn’t developed enough at 18 go realize what a stupid decision it will be in the future.

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