Woman Too Embarrassed To Leave Home After Extreme Fake Tan Fail!


Ah, self tanner. Everyone who has had a run in with self tanning lotion has a horror story or two about not reading the label correctly or not following the directions. The internet is a plethora of stories of women and men making self tanner mistakes, along with photos for us all to laugh at. Our next big self tanner disaster comes to us out of Greater Manchester, where Ebony Foley made a grave error in terms of her self tanner lotion usages.

Normally, Ebony used a solution that wasn’t too dark, but Boots had run out of it. So she decided to buy St. Moriz, the solution aptly named Darker than Dark. That… probably should have been her first clue to hold off on the fake tanner until she could get her regular faux glow. But, Ebony went ahead and bought the tanner and gave it the old college try.

Funnily enough, Ebony’s entire body turned out just fine, but her face turned so dark instantly that her skin looked entirely black. Thankfully, she had a bit of humor about it all – her boyfriend, Dean, was scraping off the tanner from her face with a sponge. Everyone was teasing her about having changed race during the night, her coworkers were having a good laugh about the mistake.

They even teased her that it was a good thing that her name was Ebony. Apparently, her boyfriend’s son burst into tears when he saw her. Good thing that it wasn’t as traumatizing for Ebony as it was for the little one! She was even supposed to go out for drinks with her gal pals and ended up having to stay in because of the whole ordeal. There are still parts of her skin that are tinged darker than they ought to be.

Ebony vowed never to make the same mistake again – Darker than Dark really means what it says.

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