Woman Denied Swiss Passport Because… Wait For It… She Was An Annoying Vegan! #PMSL

Woman Denied Swiss Passport

Here’s something that’ll surprise you: The usually laid back, maybe a little boring (some might say) and always lukewarm nation of Switzerland has decided to get really serious about something.

While it’s good to stand up for things in life, it’s also bad when you just look like a total a-hole in the process.

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Unbeknownst to all of us they’ve finally come out of the closet for having the worst neighbourhood watch policies on the planet.

After a woman was denied a Switzerland passport for the second time, the vegan and animal rights activist, Nancy Holten, shared her story.

In the video she says that she was denied her passport because because she’s such an “annoying vegan” lady, according to her neighbours, who hate her, she says.

All of which is true. She was literally denied a passport for being outspoken about the vegan movement. To make life easy, there are subtitles to this video, you just have to, sort of, play scrambled words while you try to understand it. Now back to the expression.

According to her neighbours, her views challenged the Swiss traditions they hold close to their hearts, like eating cows, bells, and church.

So when the time came for them to vote on approving her passport, 144 out of the 206 residents voted to keep her out.

The Independent reported that the residents didn’t want to give her citizenship because Nancy annoyed them and “didn’t respect [their] traditions.” She has a “big mouth”, they said.


Maybe try eating a burger and they’ll like you? Share, man!

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