Woman Accidentally Sends Jaw Dropping Text Message To Future Mother-In-Law!


Have you ever sent a text message that you regret the minute that it comes out of your fingers? The phone makes the little ‘sent!’ noise and your stomach drops to your feet. Oh, we’ve all messed up like that. One student may have royally messed up more than any of us have ever imagined.

Aiman is a 20 year old student who was trying to study and decided to use her phone’s do not disturb feature. With it, she was able to set up an automatic text that she could have sent to her friends if they tried to contact her during her serious study session. The message read: “im studying leave me tf alone”.

Except, the do not disturb feature doesn’t discriminate who it sends the messages to. So when her sweet mother in law to be sent her a text asking if she needed some cold medicine and asking how she was feeling after her recent illness, she got a surprise message that was meant for her friends. Yikes, talk about sending the wrong message.

Poor Aiman was absolutely mortified when she realized that the auto message had sent to her fiancé’s mom. Thankfully, she realized pretty quickly what had happened and apologized. Her mother in law to be wasn’t too troubled, though, and the text convo went viral after Aiman shared it on Twitter.

Well, even if you’ve sent a text that you hadn’t meant to, you probably didn’t mess up as bad as this poor girl! And maybe technology is a little bit to blame. Hopefully, do not disturb will start to give you options to send certain messages to certain people and not others. Or, maybe we’ll all learn not to leave embarrassing messages for anyone to see. Nah, that sounds too good to be true.

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