Weird Woman Walks Into Store Then Starts Spraying Her Crotch With Perfume!


Security and CCTV cameras have brought the internet their own special sort of joy. Weird people doing weird things when they think no one is looking. Or, nice people doing nice things without knowing their kindness is being caught on camera.

But it’s mostly weird people doing weird things. Like a woman who was caught on camera as she entered a department store. Just a nice, normal looking woman in a floral dress and long hair. She’s seen entering into the camera view and looking at a bottle of perfume on the counter.


Credit: LiveLeak

Now, this could go so many ways. But I don’t think anyone was expecting her to lift up the skirt of her dress and spray her crotch with the perfume before putting it back on the counter. Afterwards, she made a pretty quick getaway. Now … it’s not like she actually put her crotch on the perfume. She just lifted her skirt and sprayed. Nothing unsanitary about it at face value. It was probably a tester bottle anyway.

Bizarre-moment-woman-walks-into-a-department-store-and-sprays-her-CROTCH-with-perfume (1)

Credit: LiveLeak

People have been spraying themselves with that bottle all afternoon. It’s just so … bizarre. Why did she feel the need to spray her crotch? Was she particularly smelly down there? Did she have a hot date afterwards and wanted to make sure she smelled her best?

Since no one knows where the clip originated from, the mysterious woman who sprayed her private area with perfume in the middle of a store will remain just that … a mystery. But, she was clearly living her best life. If only the rest of us were so bold as to go of and grab the perfume that we want in our lives. She may be weird, but she’s a step ahead of the game.

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