Watch: The World’s Worst Life Hacks

life hack

Before the internet, we had no way of hacking life. Thanks to groups like Anonymous and Buzzfeed, we can now hack life with little more than a hot glue gun.

The videos and lists and how-to guides are everywhere. They’re full of dance music and people showing you how tying a rubber band around something can use this awesome new force called friction to stop things slipping.

It’s a strange phenomenon and one which would probably be more useful in a war-torn country where rationing has ended all hope of consumer goods. A picture frame made out of a drinking straw (genuine life hack) would be a better tip for Communist Czechoslovakia than a bunch of middle-class white dudes in Los Angeles.

In this new clip which is a parody but could honestly be real, the life hacker adds pockets to his jacket and finds a novel way of stopping a better bottle from slipping. All, incredibly, without the use of rubber bands.

Watch the full clip below

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