Watch: Woman Responds To Street Harassers By Harassing Them Back


We all remember that ‘10 hours of walking in NYC as a woman‘ video from a few years ago. A woman set up a hidden camera to film men hurling abuse at her as she silently walked the streets. It was distressing to watch but one woman has found a pretty good solution to stopping the harassers: harassing them back.

In a parody video, actress and improv star Jennifer Bareilles decided to hit back at street harassers with some of her own lines.


Some of her best lines include responding to “mami?” with “son?” and when someone tells her she has a nice ass, replying “thanks, I go to the gym.”

Generally, when the men are replied to they get all quiet and back off so maybe this is the best way to respond to the problem. Or I mean, they could just stop doing it.

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