Watch: Woman Goes On Bizarre Racist Rant Before Walking Into A Door

Racist Pepper Lady

In one swift move, a woman single-handedly proved that racial superiority is absolute nonsense by being the biggest moron on earth. The customer is always right, except when they’re really really really not. This is one of those cases.

Bell peppers are an excellent source of…something healthy…probably, and the different colours create very marginally different tastes…apparently.

So, when a customer asks for red peppers on a dish which is usually made with red peppers, she has every right to scream in someone’s face.

This woman is actually terrifying as she silences an entire restaurant with her rant over peppers. She made a special request for a different colour of pepper and when that request wasn’t immediately met, started screaming in the cashier’s face about how she should speak English.

Well, karma has a handy way of coming back at people. Just seconds after this bizarre pepper-based rant, the universe showed this lady what it’s like to have a metaphoric door shut in your face by very literally doing just that.

“This is America, you get it right the first time,” she said before getting it really wrong the first time.

Watch the full clip below

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