WATCH: When the Virtual Becomes Reality

Virtual Becomes Reality

Sometimes the way people behave on the internet would seem quite frankly insane if they behaved that way in the real world. For example, you wouldn’t find any sane person giving me a platform to publish articles… I’m not complaining, though!

Virtual Becomes Reality

That isn’t what I’m talking about, though. Nor is it rooms of people going speed dating shouting “YEP” and “NOPE” in each other’s faces. It isn’t even people making each other do stupid challenges to impress others while claiming to raise money for charity.

What I am in fact referring to, is the brainchild of IISuperwomanII. Superwoman, real name Lilly Singh, made a sketch whereby people speak the way they do on Instagram captions. A genuinely good idea for a satirical sketch, give it a watch, then I’ll let you know my thoughts.

Now I should start by saying I pitched a similar idea to someone about a year ago, so everything I’m about to say could just be bitterness… However, the idea for the sketch is solid – people behave strangely on the internet. Put that into real life and you’ve got a great foundation for satire.

Where you can’t get away with it, is when you are clearly the kind of person who is that annoying in real life too. Don’t try and tell me how bad it is, when you yourself are the exact kind of person who makes Instagram so annoying. If you don’t believe my judgement, just take a look at her comments ON HER OWN VIDEOS.

The idea is there, and it’s somewhat enjoyable for a while. But then the girl goes on to be just as annoying as those she’s calling out.

If you disagree, do let me know on my Insta comments hun xo

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