Watch: Tennis Player Disqualified After Slamming Ball At Umpire’s Face

umpire ouch

There are few sporting referees more terrifying than a tennis umpire. They sit there on their giant chairs with their deep voices and think they rule the world. I’m sure a lot of players just want to hit a ball right in their face. Well, one player did just that.

In one of the strangest sporting clips in a while, a Canadian tennis player lost a point and accidentally hit a frustrated shot straight at the umpire.

17-year-old Denis Shapovalov was representing his country in a Davis Cup match against Great Britain. The youngster was two sets down and after losing serve in the third, hit a ball away in frustration. It seemed magnetised towards umpire Arnaud Gabas’ face and struck him right beneath the eye.

Shapovalov defaulted the match after the incident and Great Britain qualified. Maybe try to be a little more subtle next time, Denis.

Watch the incredible footage below

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