Watch: The SNL Sketch Which Has Donald Trump So Mad

Donald Trump

Another week, another series of tweets from President-Elect Donald Trump making fun of SNL for making fun of him. Man, the future is weird.

Just a few days after the, uhh, leaks about Trump’s exploits in a Russian hotel, it was only natural for Saturday Night Live to cover the story. Alec Baldwin reprised his role as spray-tanned demagog in a mock rerun of his press conference last week.

Donald Trump

Trump gave his first show with the world’s news since his election win in November alongside a few dozen folders of (what seemed to be blank) paper which he claimed contained his plan to hand over control of his business to his sons. The sketch references both events, as well as his recent feud with John Lewis. “I just didn’t like that dumb dog on the trampoline,” Trump probably said before actually researching the Democrat who is one of the most influential civil rights figures in American history.

Anyway, SNL gave Trump quite the grilling during the show’s cold opening and he responded in typically presidential fashion.

Watch the full sketch here which has Trump’s presumably-monogrammed knickers in a twist.

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