Watch: Man Hilariously Shows How Fellow YouTuber Wasted 10 Hours Of His Life

Idiot spreadsheet guy

This world is changing so quickly, we sometimes don’t have time to find out all the details of the things around us. Things like, how many rows are there in a Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheet? Are eggshells compostable? What would actually happen if I ate one of those packets of silica gel?

Well, one YouTuber was tasked with finding out the answers. Hunter Hobbs was tasked with reaching the bottom of the page in a blank excel document. How far is the bottomless pit of data? Well, turns out there are 1,048,576 rows in every spreadsheet document and it took Hobbs nine-and-a-half hours to find that out.

Story over, then? Idiot sacrifices a whole day of his life on this planet to find out a small fact which might make people go “huh, didn’t know that.” Well, no. It’s not over because fellow YouTuber Techguy276 did it too…in two seconds.

Turns out, you can just hold ctrl+down to reach the bottom of the page. Poor stupid Hunter Hobbs.

Watch the full reveal below.

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