Watch: Man Fails To Understand How To Use A Ladder

Man Ladder Fail

Ever wanted to reach something in a high place? Then a ladder may be the tool for you.

Ladders are a great way to reach things you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to reach. Just set them up…and walk up them like a set of stairs. This isn’t hard, people but one man can’t quite seem to grasp it as this video shows.

Hold my ladder, I got this.

The situation is this: there is a rag caught on a pipe about 15 feet in the air. You’re on a flat surface and you have appears to be a 12-foot ladder. What do you do? Well, obviously, you swing the ladder in the air wildly and try to knock it down, idiot.

The man spends at least one minute trying to knock it down while his friend looks on and laughs. At first, it’s funny but after about 45 seconds, you just want to go over and help the poor guy. It’s a pretty dumb thing to do, and I don’t mean the guy who filmed this clip in portrait mode.

Watch the full video below and make your mind up for yourself:

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