Watch: The Latest Threat To Polar Bears

Polar Bear Ice Rink

The earth’s temperature is increasing at an alarming rate and the polar ice caps are melting but there may be an even bigger threat to polar bears: car adverts.

In harrowing scenes, a polar bear attempts to come to grips to the world of advertising. With their bears’ icy home all-but destroyed, it’s time the world looked at alternative living arrangements for the fluffy predators. Advertising, it seems, is not the solution.

lush snow fairy

While filming an ad for White Bear Mitsubishi in Minnesota, a polar bear mascot struggles to cope with its new surroundings. An outtakes video has emerged which shows the bear falling over nearly half a dozen times. It turns out that giant novelty fluffy feet aren’t exactly the ideal choice of footwear for ice-skating.

Eventually, the actors get through an entire take without falling over and attempt to celebrate, forgetting that there is still a guy in a giant fluffy bear costume on an ice rink. It does not go well.

Watch the full video below

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