Watch: Cheating Prank Backfires As Girlfriend Brings Home Another Man

Cheating boyfriend prank

Do you know what is even more fun than pranking people? People pranking prankers.

In a clip from the YouTube channel PrankInvasion, one man’s attempt to trick his girlfriend backfires terribly. Chris Monroe enlisted the help of his girlfriend’s best friend for his latest attempt to try and make his girlfriend cry or something.

Cheating Prank Backfires

The plan was for Chris’s girlfriend to come home and find him in bed with her best friend before they both reveal it to be a prank. Chris’s, uh, masterplan encountered one main problem: his girlfriend’s best friend told her about it.

His girlfriend Nicole was one step ahead of him the whole time and decided to bring back her own man to their apartment.¬†Chris, rather ironically, doesn’t see the funny side of catching his partner cheating and kind of loses his mind slightly.

Watch the full video below

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