Watch: The Best (And Hopefully Last) Mannequin Challenge Ever

Korean Basketball

Did you think the Mannequin Challenge was over? You were terribly mistaken.

The Mannequin Challenge is the latest in a long line of viral internet videos. From the Harlem Shake to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, these last few years have given us a number of online fads.

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The Harlem Shake was the first and spread quickly but it was nothing compare to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Every man and his dog got a bucket of ice thrown over their heads but again, that was nothing compared to what was coming.

Statistically, every person on earth has been involved in at least seventeen Mannequin Challenges by this point. From weddings to sports teams to Hillary Clinton’s desperate last-minute attempt to seem down with the kids, Mannequin Challenges have been everywhere.

Well, last night, the Korean Basketball League All-Star game really gave us a show in the art of standing really still. The score was 42-40 when one player went for a three-pointer. After missing and seeing his shot hit the rim, every player on the court and bench proceeded to have the best Mannequin Challenge to date.

Watch the full video below

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