Watch: How Americans React To One Inch Of Snow

Snow Skiing

The United Kingdom is known for two things: the Queen and its tendency to completely shut down whenever there is even a hint of snow. Trains are cancelled, schools are closed and milk and bread sell out faster than Nick Clegg in an election year.

Well, it seems, our American cousins aren’t too different. The Americans also lose their minds at the sight of the white stuff, they just do it in a much cooler way.

Snow Skiing

In footage from Raleigh, North Carolina, a place not known for its icy conditions, one driver witnesses something rather unusual: a snow-skier.

It’s the latest fad which isn’t sweeping the world. All you need is snow, a car, state of the art skiing equipment and dozens of people to ensure the roads are safe and you’re ready to go.

Watch the full video below and join in with the voiceover as he prays that the skier falls over.

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