Want To See A Drunken Motorist Driving Their Car Around An Airport While Being Chased? Of Course You Do

Car Airport

Airports are the worst. Whether it’s the ridiculously long lines, the unnecessarily strict security or the smell of old coffee, airports are the worst. So how do we get our own back? Why, by driving a car through one, of course.

Apparently angry at the price of long-term parking, one motorist decided enough was enough. The driver ploughed their car through a barrier and proceeded to drive around the airport while being chased by security personnel. The driver certainly beat the queues.

This isn’t what you’d call sober behaviour and news reports suggest that the driver was either drunk or on drugs.

Either way, it makes for great footage. This only happened last night so news coverage is at a minimum for now but here’s Russia Today’s report.

And here’s a Russian version with disco music.

Any my personal favourite, the footage with Benny Hill playing. Enjoy.

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