Two Cashiers Fall Asleep On The Counter While Serving Customer At Convenience Store!


In certain parts of America, seeing a convenience store worker with red eyes and smelling like weed isn’t entirely out there. In fact, you’d probably be hard pressed to find someone who works at a gas station who didn’t have to smoke up to get through the night. This video, however, shows two women who are just a little more than toking on weed. A lot of people can’t even believe what they’re seeing when they watch it.

The video below shows two convenience store workers at the counter and they look like they’re having a hard time. One woman is entirely passed out, mouth open while the other has her chin tipped forward. The people standing in line are trying to get their attention, and the two workers look like they’re struggling just to stay awake.

Of course, once their attention was drawn the two jerk awake right away and struggle to scan the items on the counter. They don’t seem to be having any luck. Strangely, it’s probably because they’re on some type of drugs – unless they’re just really, really sleepy. People on the internet think that these two are probably on opiates, because of the epidemic that’s sweeping the middle of the country.

Epidemic or not, this video is truly something else. Honestly, if I had walked in I would have just taken my stuff and left and let these two just drool their way through the rest of their shift. Sure, it’s unclear whether or not these two were actually on any drugs from the video.

It’s probably easy to guess that they were probably under the influence of something. Opiates? A dank blunt? Who knows. One thing is clear: they probably shouldn’t have been trying to scan items while they were blasted out of their minds.

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