TV Presenter Accidentally Flashed The Audience And Now The Clip’s On Repeat Mode!


Whatever your last embarrassing moment was, it probably wasn’t anywhere near as embarrassing as this poor woman who accidentally flashed an entire TV audience in live television. A Romanian host, Ilinca Vandici, will always have you best on embarrassing moments for the rest of your life.


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Whenever something embarrasses you, just remind yourself that it wasn’t broadcast live over the television. Poor Vandici was standing on stage in front of an audience and judges when she thought she saw a spider crawl up her dress. Most people aren’t particularly fond of spiders, and most people wouldn’t want one to climb up inside their clothes.


Credit: Unknown

So, Vandici reacted the way most people would – she tried to get it out. Except, there wasn’t actually a spider. So while she was flailing about and swishing the skirt of her dress trying to get the spider out, she ended up flashing everyone watching her panties.


Credit: Unknown

Thankfully, they were quite cute underwear and matched her dress – they always covered everything that needed to be covered. But still, it’s not something that most people want flashed to the entire audience watching! Not to mention, there wasn’t actually a spider. So she just flashed her panties for nothing.


Credit: Unknown

Vandici is red faced and embarrassed, but after a man ran over to cover her backside and help her get the fictional spider out, she was able to regain her composure. She realized that she had made a mistake, and sort of just flashed her whole shop to the judges and anyone watching. Still, she managed to get her cue cards back together and continue on.

So, the next time you think you did something embarrassing, just be thankful no one else saw it. And if they did, be thankful that it wasn’t broadcast on television. And if it was … well, you’re not alone!

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