Transgender Woman Spends £55,000 To Look Like A… Bratz Doll?


Plastic surgery is pretty common place nowadays. No one really bats an eyelash if you’ve gotten work done. Hell, there’s even subway advertisements for all kinds of cosmetic surgery options. Some people, however, take it way too far. Either they do too much and botch it, or it just looks entirely surreal.

One woman decided to take plastic surgery to the extreme. Jolene Dawson is a 21 year old transgender woman who has decided that plastic surgery itself isn’t enough. She wants to look like … a Bratz doll. You know, those dolls that were once popular? With the giant eyes and the tiny lips?

Jolene had always known she was a woman, despite being assigned male at birth. When she saw the Bratz dolls as a child, and watched the spin-off television show, she had thought that was the epitome of beauty. When she was 19, Jolene had a bulk of her surgeries done in the span of about six months – from nose jobs to implants for her backside to give her a more doll-like look.

She’s even looking for a doctor who will sew her belly button closed so that the look of a doll will be complete. Jolene has spent upwards of £55,000 in her insane quest to become a living, breathing Bratz doll. Despite the fact that £55,000 spent in cosmetic surgery is absolutely ludicrous, Jolene doesn’t seem to mind. She won’t let anyone get her down. She describes herself as quite confident, and has her friends and family to thank for the support.

She fully intends to undergo gender confirmation surgery after the rest of her surgeries are complete – and who knows where the bill is going to top out on. Well, go big or go home, as they say. Jolene has funded all her surgeries herself, so – if anything, the rest of us are just mad jealous.

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