There’s A New Delicacy In Town And People Can’t Believe Their Eyes!


Food that comes in the shape of things is always a fun novelty- everyone wants to eat a perfectly sculpted something-or-another, or at least have pictures for prosperity. One thing that seems to be arousing a big controversy all over the place is a food stall in Bangkok called Pho Hai Ma.

What could this particular food stall be selling that could be causes such a stir? Well, if you’ve ever been to a bachelorette party, you can probably think of one particular gift favor that’s always a big hit … yep, that’s right. The food stall is selling phallic shaped desserts.

These penis shaped waffles are stuffed full of delicious cream, making it look like … well, you can imagine!


The phallic waffles – the phaffles, if you will – have been the cause of a lot of chatter. They might have otherwise continued to fly under the radar if a video of the waffles being prepared at the stall hadn’t gone viral on Facebook.

The video got over 19 million views, which immediately has everyone scrambling to figure out who was selling this penis shaped delicacies and where they could get them.

While plenty of people were eager to enjoy the humor and novelty of a phallic waffle, other people were turning their noses up at the treats, and the whole experience entirely. Other chefs have decided that the whole thing is inappropriate. The woman who runs the stand doesn’t see it has something that should be either hyped or inappropriate.

Rather, she just wants people to view it as a snack. And a tasty snack it is, considering how many people have rushed to try the phallic waffle once it went viral on Facebook. After all, penis shaped foods are not new, nor are penis shaped stuffed waffles new in and of themselves.

As long as people have been able to make foods into shapes, someone has been making it into the shape of a penis. And as fun as it is, hopefully the human race never loses its affinity for penis shaped foods.

Spread the phaffles, people.

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