Watch: The Terrifying Robot Which Will Enslave Humanity

Terrifying Robot

Will Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, that ginger guy from Ex Machina, you were right. You were right all along. The robots are coming and they are so very angry.

We’ve already covered some of the dumbest robots in history, but this new offering is anything but scary.

10 Of The Worst Robots In Human History

Every time you fill out one of those “confirm I am human” things on websites, you’re taking an oath. A sacred and powerful oath which declares: I am a human being and I am here.

Well, one dastardly and powerful robotic has found a way to surpass the high-security clearance we have set up. This shocking footage shows just how easy it now is for robots to beat the system and enter places they shouldn’t be. Do cyborgs already walk amongst us? After seeing this, I would say it is likely.

Watch the incredible footage below

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