Teen In A Bra Steals Uber Driver’s Tips Then Says The Most Outrageous Thing On TV


Teenagers do all kinds of things on the internet for attention and laughs. Instagram is an easy place for them to get the attention they crave. Usually, it’s all pretty harmless. But one teenager has gone viral a few months after an incident in an Uber where she had been caught by the dash cam stealing money from the driver’s tip jar. The thief in question is Gabrielle Canales, and eighteen year old who was traveling in New York at the time via the ride share, Uber.


Image Credit: YouTube

She was identified months after the incident, after the pictures of her looking into the dash camera with her hand in the tip jar went viral. Canales, however, is totally remorseless. She says that she later returned the money, and that it had only been $5 that she stole from the driver in the first place. Whether or not the money was really returned, is hard to say.


Image Credit: YouTube

But what is true is that she definitely stole it, and definitely made off with it after checking to see if the driver had been watching. Was it for a thrill? Why steal it just to return it? Just to see if she could? Canales mocked the incident, saying that it was only $5, not seeming to care that she was stealing tips from someone who relies on them. She even posted articles about the incident, sharing memes of herself with her hand photoshopped into a cookie jar.


Image Credit: YouTube

Canales is a wanna-be instagram star, getting most of her attention by posting photos of herself in scantily clad outfits. Now, she’s gotten even more fame from her daring thievery. She doesn’t seem at all sorry that she had done it, and even finds the whole ordeal a bit of a joke. All the same, after the incident her Uber account had been deactivated and she’s banned from using the service.

Doesn’t seem like she’s learned her lesson, though!

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