Subway Worker Serves Customer Bread He ‘Took Out Of The Bin’ Because… OMG.


When you go out to eat, worrying about whether or not you’re being served the best, fresh food that the restaurant has to offer shouldn’t be your number one concern. With places like Subway, where you can see the food being prepared in front of you, one might think that it’s an even safer bet to assume that your food is being properly handled and made.

Unfortunately, Subway has come under fire after some secret footage revealed a working taking bread out of the garbage bin to serve to a customer. Yeah, disgusting. A worker unabashedly just takes some bread that’s already been designated for disposal and returns it right to the customer while saying, “We’re already short of bread.”

The incident took place at the Central Park Subway in Rugby, Warwickshire. Worst of all, the worker in question was actually the store manager. If you can’t even trust the manager not to pull this kind of stuff, who can you trust? Thankfully the whole ordeal was caught on camera.

This promoted the Rugby Council to go ahead and send out some health inspectors to the location. And surprise, surprise- they found a number of health and hygiene issues. Who would have thought that he store with the manager who gets bread from the bin might have some hygiene violations?

Of course, Subway spokespersons has something to say about the matter. They had to make sure that this was an isolated incident- or, rather, they had to make it sound like it was. But who knows? Maybe more Subway chains are doing all kinds of crazy things behind their doors.

What about the restaurants without hidden footage? Honestly, they could be doing all kinds of crap. If you’re ever suspicious about who’s making your food, it might just be time to learn to cook for yourself.

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