Soulja Boy Went To Compton To Fight Chris Brown, But Ended Up Doing This Instead. #SMH

Fight Chris Brown

We all love Soulja boy; those of us who remember him anyway. And we all, also, unanimously love Chris Brown, I guess… Hey, If I told you, of all things, that they almost got into a boxing match, who would you’ve put your money on?

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Who would I bet on, you ask? Well, that’s not an easy answer. Sure, Chris brown has hit a few people in his lifetime, so he can probably throw a punch.

But of course all those he hit were petite little ladies who couldn’t fight back.

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Souljaboy on the other hand is a skinny guy (we all know they can’t tussle) – who’s been outta the spotlight for so long I don’t even know if he can tie his own shoes to be honest. He can tweet, though. I know that much.

Recently, The one-hit wonder, Soulja boy came under fire by wife-beater Chris Brown, after he commented on a photo of one of Chris’s ex.

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The two set the stage for a boxing match. Soulja boy actually went to Compton looking for a fight, but didn’t find Brown anywhere. He managed to still get into a tussle.

After the incident, Soulja boy apologized for complementing Chris’s ex girlfriend; in a statement, saying that he was “acting out”. God, what a tough nut.

He said he’s done beefing with people. His mom was recently hospitalized the rapper says, which served as a wake up all. Now, he claims his wild behavior is over.

Pretty hilarious though that team Breezy (Chris Brown and friends) still don’t give a f***. Despite Soulja’s apology Brown’s attorney wants to file a lawsuit for defamation based on things Soulja said about Brown’s daughter, Royalty.

Looks like Soulja boy ain’t getting a break anytime soon. He shouldn’t feel alone though; lots of celebrities couldn’t get a break in the past year. Jeb Bush is an example.

Soulja boy and Jeb; I bet they’d make a great pair. Two bros who couldn’t get a break.

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