Six Different Women Turn Up At The Wedding, And That’s Not Even The Weirdest Part!


Everyone’s had an awkward moment when they show up to a shindig wearing the same outfit as someone else. And if you haven’t, you’ve at least seen the trope used enough in sitcom TV episodes to get the gist. Usually, it’s just a happy and funny coincidence.

But at this particular wedding, six different women wound up wearing the same exact dress. You may be thinking to yourself: well, so what? Don’t six women end up wearing the same dress at a wedding anyway? Well, you may be right if you’re thinking of the bridesmaids. But as it turns out, these women weren’t even the bridesmaids!

When it comes to shopping for a wedding, who of us doesn’t commit the sin of running out to the store last minute for the dress you’re going to wear, just a few days before the wedding? When that happens, there’s usually not a wide selection left to choose from. Maybe that isn’t what happened here, but it certainly could have!

Debbie Speranza’s wedding photos have gone viral after showing that six different women on the guest list happened to buy and wear the exact same dress to her wedding. This hysterical mishap wasn’t even planned – and Debbie only knew two of the women personally!

Good thing that the dress looked stunning on all of them. It would have been awkward if one of them looked better than the others. Debbie joked that they all should have gotten free voucher from the clothing line, Forever New, for such great, free advertisement of the dress.

Maybe brides to be should be asking all their guests to send pictures of their proposed dresses so that they can make sure no one wears the same thing – or at least so everyone wears the exact same thing so six people doesn’t feel weirded out.

Spread the coincidence, people!

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