Pregnant Woman Poses For A Maternity Photo Shoot, Then Everyone’s Jaw Dropped


Maternity photoshoots can range from traditional to wacky. They can involve partners, children and even pets. Usually, maternity shoots don’t involve swamps of insects. One woman decided that she would change all that.

This woman decided that she would pose in her maternity shoot with some of the most important creatures in her life: hundreds upon hundreds of live bees. Emily Mueller runs a honey bee removal service in Akron, OH, which her husband, called the Mueller Honey Bee Removal.

The pair remove bees from properties and rehome them in safer, more desirable places. This means that the bees will be able to thrive and continue doing their most important duty: pollinating our planet. Emily decided that she would pose with her rescued bees in her maternity photo shoot. This shoot was for her fourth child, so of course it was time to break out the bees.

There were upwards of 20,000 rescued bees who were being rehomed from underneath a bleacher at a local park. The bees were in a swarm over her stomach and hands, with a few even landing on her happy, upturned face.

This definitely isn’t something that anyone else should try at home, especially since most bee-keepers know to wear a suit and helmet when they’re around their bees.

But still, Emily is a professional, and felt comfortable enough posing with all of her bees climbing over her and buzzing around. Emily’s swarm was especially cooperative and she felt such joy being able to share her maternity photoshoot with the insects that she’s devoted her life to saving.

It’s people like Emily that help keep the bee population thriving when they’re facing such environmental problems. And the photos are beautiful! There’s truly something amazing about seeing the connection between human being and honey bee portrayed in shoot.

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