Pilot Draws A Giant Penis In The Sky With His Plane… Then Things Get Dirty.


Women have dealt with, for years upon years, dumb boys drawing penises on everything. And we mean … literally everything. From desks, to the bathroom walls, to the outside walls, sidewalk with chalk, white boards, black boards, on the corners of homework … wherever boys can draw a dick, they tend to do that. Recently, a pilot drew a giant phallic shape in the sky with the smoke trail of his jet and, of course, there’s been a bit upset about it.

Because damn, even the sky isn’t safe from weird men feeling the overwhelming desire to draw their junk in literally anything and everything? For a lot of people, the idea of “boys will be boys” seems to still hold true. Does that mean that boys will draw penises whenever they want without repercussion? Because that seems to be the general consensus that boys are getting.

Girls have not, as a whole, drawn their vulva on extremely public places. So what is it with men and drawing penises? Toxic masculinity and the male socialized drive for dominance seems to be culprit for men’s drive to scribble their penises all over anything and everything. Masculinity is a prison – one that tells men they can’t cry, that they shouldn’t feel emotions, that they should be as strong as possible. And when they don’t live up to those standards, other men – and sometimes women – tear them down.

So what do men do? Channel all that frustration into their penis. And, apparently, drawing it. On anything. And while this may seem like the ranting of a woman who just can’t take a joke – how are MEN themselves not frustrated with seeing scribbling if penis everywhere? Imagine if, for a minute, men were faced with numerous vulvas drawn on everything. Even in the sky.

Weird and uncomfortable, right?

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