People Have Come Up With A New Tattoo Trend… It’ll Blow Your Mind.


Face tattoos have always seemed to be reserved for people who were once in prison, or people in gangs. But nowadays, people are getting more and more creative and adventurous with their tattoos, and that involves getting them on their face. If you’re not a hard core gangster, you are probably looking for something more tame to get tattooed on your skin – so why not get your astrological sign tattooed on your face? Yep, that’s the new trend.

But it’s a little more subtle than you might think. Instead of getting a big tattoo of a rams head or double fish, people are instead getting them in the shape of freckles. Called “astrofrecks”, these creative, small, unobtrusive tattoos are in the design of your star sign, like it would be in the constellation. The little dots are placed carefully on your skin as the stars would be in the sky, so that it looks like permanent freckles.

Or, well, semi permanent. These particular tattoos are designed to fade over time. And the best part is, these tattoos look almost entirely natural if you have freckles, and they even look nice and natural if you don’t! At the very least, if you get this tattoo on your face, you don’t get mistaken as someone who was once in prison, or a gangster.

Freckles are becoming more and more popular when it comes to professional models. People will even dot on fake freckles during their daily makeup routine. But these ones don’t ever need to be put back on, and won’t wash off at the end of the day! This is one of the latest trends that even people who don’t like tattoos can get behind. Tattooing something on your face may seem extreme, but what’s better than a cute constellation that looks like freckles?

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