Painful Video shows woman taking Seven Minutes to Park in Space #Worst Parking Ever

Worst Parking

Could this be the world’s worst parking the world has ever seen? Well it could qualify to join this list of bad parkers.

Footage shows a woman driving a Renault Clio struggling to park while she moved back and forth attempting to get closer to the kerb, yet failing to get within inches of it.

When you take your driving test you’re expected to understand how to park properly, yet Lee Smith who captured the hilarious footage doesn’t seem to think so, watching in disbelief at the agonising display in how Not to park!

Lee burst out in sarcastic laughter saying “It’s some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen on the road. If she’d done the manoeuvre once or twice that would be fine but this was for seven minutes”.


The footage shows the driver repeatedly reversing, nudging forward and funnily enough actually opening the door and get out of the car to assess how far away she is from the kerb in the double space.

Lee and his colleague can be heard cheering and clapping in amazement as the women achieved what seemed like ‘mission impossible’.

Mission Impossible

So when you’re parking, do it like a pro and not like this clown.

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