Mum-To-Be Shares Terrifying Ultrasound Of Her Baby… And You’ll Want To See This


The ultrasound of a baby is always a hit or miss scenario, in most cases. Either your baby looks like a sweet little cherub, or it kind of looks like the beans you had on your last burrito. It’s not an exact science, but it’s as good as we’ve got so far. Most mothers really enjoy getting to see their baby for the first time.

That iconic image of an ultrasound baby involves a side view, it’s little arms and legs curled up against its face and belly. Go on, picture it. Everyone loves to see a tiny baby. One mother got the shock of her life when her ultrasound tech decided to give her a front facing view of her baby. And… well, babies aren’t done until they come out.

Really, they’re not. They’re still cooking in there, so it’s not quite a surprise that the poor mother got a vision to be reckoned with. The baby looked absolutely demonic. The mother to be, Sharni Turner, thought that the image was, while terrifying, incredibly hysterical. She put it on twitter to share her shock with all of her friends and followers.

A lot of other mothers came forward with their own hysterical ultrasound pictures, including front facing ones where the babies little head looked like Optimus Prime. Sharni was pretty good natured throughout the whole thing … until some bitter internet trolls told her that her baby was pure evil, or that she should have aborted.

Of course, trolls will be trolls. Sharni didn’t let them get to her. She’s been clapping back on twitter to all the trolls who thought they were being clever by insulting her ultrasound and her fetus. Don’t they know only a mother can make fun of her own unborn baby?

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