Mum Outraged After Amazon Ships Son’s Present With A Giant Penis Drawn On The Box


For most people, the worst that can happen when they order a package is the fear of it getting lost or stolen. For one mother, she found something even worse after her package had been delivered. Pam Kester ordered something for her kids and when she opened up the package, she found something decidedly not kid friendly inside. A mixed up order? An adult toy? No, no, nothing like that – though I’m sure something like that has also happened to some poor mother. No, this happened, supposedly, at the Amazon warehouse where the package had been handled by the workers.

Upon opening up her package, Pam found that someone had crudely drawn on a penis on the white box of her package inside the brown Amazon box. It had been drawn on in red ink and the moment that Pam saw it, she immediately took to Facebook to share her plight.

She sent a rather humorous email to Amazon in response to the penis – while definitely still complaining that a gift for her children had been marked on with a penis. And, yeah. Definitely inappropriate considering that it has been a present for her children … but also definitely a little funny. Pam had apparently received a generic response from Amazon that simply said: “Your comments have been passed on.”

So, she went right to the Amazon Facebook page to try and get an answer.

Whoever the PR person is behind Amazon’s Facebook was a little more real, so they went ahead and told her that the “penis incident” would be investigated. Hopefully, whoever drew the penis will be getting a talking to – or, you know, fired. But who can really blame them? Working at Amazon warehouses is well known to be absolutely terrible – sometimes you have to act out with a phallic drawing.

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