Man’s Junk Gets Stuck In Gym Weight Plate Leaving Everyone With 1 Question… WTF?


For some reason, men will stick their junk just about anywhere. You know the junk we’re talking about. The stories that have emerged over the years over the strange places that men have stuck their penises and then gotten them stuck is endless.

Once more, we’re faced with the face-palming hilarity of having to read about a man who managed to get his penis stuck in the center of a 2.5 kg dumbbell at the gym. Yep. He just stuck it right in there. What is it with men and place their penises into the circular holes where they don’t belong?

Is it a sick curiosity to see if it will fit? Someone has got to get a study going on this.


Either way, the poor man got his penis stuck in the center hole of the dumbbell. At the gym. So not only was he sticking his prick in places it didn’t need to be stuck, but he was out doing it in public too! Well, he certainly got what was coming to him because it took firefighters a whole three hours to get the dumbbell cut off of his special bits.

It wasn’t like they just lubed it up and slid it off, either. Nope – they had to saw that baby into several pieces. The dumbbell, that is, not the penis. But it was probably a harrowing experience for the man who had to watch high speed saws getting so close to his bits.


Credit: Facebook

Hopefully, this will teach him not to stick is bits in random holes that it doesn’t belong. And if not – well, then he’ll just be known as the man who gets his prick stuck in places that it ought not to go. Either way, he caused much hilarity and confusion for all us onlookers.

Spread the weirdness, people!

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