Man Thought His Foot Was About To Fall Off, Then Realizes What His Wife Did!


Fake tans are a lot more common than people think. Just because some people in reality shows over do it doesn’t mean that most people can tell if a tan is fake or not. You don’t even have to go to a tanning salon anymore to do it! Fake tanning at home is relatively cheap and easy these days.

You just might want to be careful with what you use to fake tan … One man in Britain got the short end of the stick when his girlfriend decided to fake tan a bit. The poor guy was just doing his own thing when he took off his socks for the day – and found that his foot had turned a sickly shade of brown.


Credit: Stephanie Wylie

He had thought that something was seriously wrong – after all, it really looked it. That foot looked like it was about to fall off any second. In reality, it turns out that this guy’s girlfriend had used his sock for her fake tan. Thank god! The picture went viral and while some people were sympathetic, more people thought it was hysterical.

Tons of women were tagging their boyfriends and male friends, threatening them with use of their socks for fake tanning if they couldn’t be bothered to pick them up anymore. Now, that’s one hell of a way to train the men in your life to clean up after themselves!

Still, it’s probably not good to make people think their feet are about to rot off. The thing about fake fans is, if you don’t wash it off right away when you make a mistake, that thing is gonna stay on your skin … for a long while. So, this guy will be walking around with a burnt toast foot for the foreseeable future. Hope he isn’t too fond of sandals!

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