Man Takes Picture In The Dark, But What He Sees Drops Everyone’s Hearts. #Yikes


Almost everyone has had an experience with the supernatural or ghosts, or knows someone who has. And of course, ghost adventure television shows have increased in popularity. One person on Twitter has been documenting what he calls a haunting from a ghost baby in his apartment. Adam Ellis, an artist who lives in New York, has been documenting the intense and scary goings on in his apartment on Twitter, and his thousands of followers have been captivated by the story.

Adam started his story in August 7th, explaining how a demon baby had begun appearing in his dreams and how he was certain that the demon baby had crossed over into the real world. He even drew a picture of the demented looking baby on his Twitter. Tons of tweets detailing his cats’ behavior and plants falling off his shelves spooked his Twitter following.

Finally, on November 7, Adam had an even more chilling update on his demon baby. He had a dream involving his demon baby by the name of David, and thought that the baby was crawling towards him. He decided that even if it was happening, he would take photo evidence. In the absolutely chilling photos, in the dark, you can see the figure of a child-like doll making its way across the room towards Adam.

In the lightened photos, it looks even more terrifying. Of course, the photos really do look like a child’s doll. Anyone can fake ghost evidence, even when it’s photo or video evidence. With all of the attention it’s getting, it might be that Adam is telling an elaborate story or pulling a prank.

Insofar, Adam hasn’t been updating on his Dead David situation on Twitter. It could be that he’s gotten all the attention that he wants on the matter, or maybe people have debunked his story. Whether it’s fake or a prank, the whole thing has had Twitter totally enthralled. And how couldn’t they be? Everyone loves a ghost story.

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