Man Stressed With His Daily Life Decides To Go To A Farm And Live Like A… Goat?


Have you ever been so stressed out that you wished you were an entirely different person? Sure, all of us have! Wishing you were somewhere else isn’t entirely uncommon, and neither is imagining yourself as a person who doesn’t have to live with the type of stress that you do. One man, though, beat us all with his decision to decide to go and live life as … a goat.

Thomas Thwaites, who is also known as Goat Man, wrote an entire book about how he decided that he was done with his stressful daily life, and decided that life would be much better as a goat. He wrote to the Wellcome Trust, and they gave him an arts trust – which, apparently, was all he needed to go off and live life as a goat.

He got prosthetic limbs made so that he could walk on all fours like a goat. He said that he even tried to change his stomach digestion by eating grass. Apparently, life as a goat isn’t as easy as Thwaites had anticipated. Instead of enjoying his vacation away from being a human person, he only lasted about three days as a goat.

But still, three days was enough to fill an entire book worth of thoughts and experience. Despite only lasting three days as a goat, Thwaites really couldn’t complain about it. He said that it was a special time for him as a goat, and that he really enjoyed it.

Maybe one day, Thwaites will go into the goat life better prepared, and live full time. And if not him, hopefully somebody will! We need more people going off and doing crazy things to get away from the stress of life. At least, we need more people deciding to live as animals for a few days!

It’s harmless, hysterical and everyone has always wondered what it’s like to be an animal.

Spread the determination, people!

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