Man Proposes To Bae With $3,000 Diamond Ring. Then Gets Disturbing Surprise


Proposals are nerve racking! Even when you’ve been together for a while, how can you be positive that your partner is going to say yes? So it’s no wonder that some people mess up during their proposals. And the internet loves proposal videos – but what the internet loves even more are videos of people messing up.

And people messing up proposals? Well, the internet just about laps that up like a kitten with milk. A man from Missouri was getting ready to propose to his long term girlfriend – he had everything ready. The scenic pond, the $3,000 ring … everything was set.

Seth Dixon was ready to make Ruth Salas his fiance, and they were surrounded by onlookers and friends at Loose Park. Just as Seth was getting ready to get down on one knee, he opened the box and – pop!

Maybe fate had other ideas? After all, if your diamond ring pops out of the box, you might want to take it as a sign. What’s worse, the ring slipped through the boards of the bridge that the couple was standing on. The couple was absolutely astounded at their luck.

They tried searching in the water for it, and even hired a man to come into the water the next day with a metal detector. They couldn’t find anything, and even had people from their church come out to the pond in an attempt to find the ring. But, no such luck.

That expensive ring is gone and Seth is, unfortunately, still making payments on it. Either Seth and Ruth’s ring got buried in the mud, or a lucky fish just got proposed to. Whatever the reason, the video below has gone viral, because misery loves company.

Hopefully Seth and Ruth will be able to work something out about the lost ring – if not, maybe luck will be on their side and the ring will turn up… somehow.

Spread the laughter, people!

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