Man Heartbroken Because Someone Stole Terrence… His Rescue Cactus.


Everyone has had the experience of driving by a missing pet poster and feeling a tug at their heart strings, wondering if they’re okay or if they made it home safe. Not many have had the distinct surprise and amusement of coming across a missing poster for a plant.

More specifically, for a cactus.

On September 5th, a cactus went missing from a man’s front porch and as soon as the cactus-napping had been realized, William Gould made missing posters for his disappeared cactus. What kind of person makes a missing poster for a cactus? Someone who loves the cactus very much, apparently.


Credit: Jenna Amatulli

The poster proclaims that Terrence, who apparently also answers to Terry, is missing, with a picture of the cactus in question nestled among several other cactus (perhaps a photo from the day he was adopted?). The poster explains that Terry was rescued from a home where he was about to be thrown away, that he’s an easily confused cactus and not familiar with the area – probably due to being stuck in a pot at all.

Terry’s adoptive cactus father even posted about his woes on Twitter, making mention that his missing cactus had put him into quite a funk. And while a cactus isn’t quite the same as a missing cat or dog, Terry’s cactus dad seems to love him all the same. If you see any suspicious characters with an out of place cactus, you might want to get Terry’s dad a call. After all, in a case of cactus-napping, every tip helps.


Though it isn’t probable that Terrance wandered away from home on his own, it’s good to still keep your eyes peeled for a sad and lost cactus. If you see Terrance hitchhiking along the freeway, make sure to pick him
up and take him back home!

Spread the news, people!

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