Man Gets A Massive Tattoo On His Neck… And Now He Wouldn’t Get A Job.


Tons of different people, through all walks of life, have tattoos. A lot of those tattoos are in pretty typical places, like their arms or legs, or somewhere else that’s equally easy to hide. After all, getting a job usually requires that people be able to cover their tattoos.

Of course, some places are much more liberal with their tattoo policy- but someone having a giant neck tattoo might be pushing it. One 21 year old man figured out that having a giant heart and wings tattoo on the front of his throat is probably not the best way to make himself available to the job market.

Joe Parsons paid a good chunk of money, £300 to be exact, to get this tattoo. It was inspired by his idols, David Beckham and Love Island’s Terry Walsh. Unfortunately, this guy didn’t think that maybe he would probably not have the same fame to be able to pull off a giant throat tattoo. In fact, the tattoo has made Parsons entirely unemployable. Who would have thought, right?

No one could have imagined that getting a giant tattoo on the front of your throat might make employers less likely to want to hire you and have you interesting with customers. Well… Parsons didn’t think of it, at least. He’s managed to apply for 60 different jobs, and get rejected from each and every one of them.

He has been able to get some jobs, working at call centers and bars – but Parsons is qualified in sports fitness, which he can’t get a job for unless he has experience … and no one wants to give him experience because of his giant tattoo. He’s worked as a bar man, and a cleaner, but nothing to pay the bills.

Joe doesn’t regret getting it done, but he does regret getting it done before he was able to get a job in his field. Can’t deny that, mate…

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