Man Gets Arrested, Then He Hands Over This Card To The Cops! #LMAO


If you’ve never had the misfortune of getting arrested, count yourself lucky. For others, the situation seems to come around enough times that there’s not much else for them to do other than to hold onto their sense of humor! Recently, the Dakota County Sheriff’s office, in Minnesota, arrested a man who had an outstanding controlled substance warrant.

He probably knew that his time was numbered in avoiding that arrest, and for some reason decided that he was going to give one of the funniest things a try.

Deputy Vai, during the arrest, found a “Get Out of Jail Free” card on the man’s person. The card was from a Monopoly game, and the deputy managed to have as much of a sense of humor about it as the man getting arrested did. Apparently, he carried it around “just in case”.

And really, if you’re anticipating getting arrested for an outstanding warrant, you really can’t fault a dude for giving it a shot. Unfortunately, the “Get Out of Jail Free” card doesn’t exactly fly outside of Monopoly. Still, the Sheriff’s office tweeted out the picture along with the story.

They gave the anonymous gentleman an “A” for his commendable effort. Still, if you do the crime you should probably do the time. Maybe the next time he gets arrested, the next officer will take his Monopoly cars more seriously!

Spread the creativity, people!

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