Man Endures 14 Hours Of Pain After His Junk Got Stuck In A… Plastic Water Bottle.


Listen, fellas. We need to have a chat. A real heart to heart. What is it with men sticking their penises in places that they don’t belong? And what’s worse, sticking them inside things that don’t fit? It’s an epidemic! The internet is full of it! Stories upon stories of men putting their most precious parts in places that could seriously injure them. And this story is no different.

Well, perhaps it’s a bit different.

This time, it was a wife who was attempting to … well, help her husband. It was around 10 PM on a Sunday night when he felt like he had to go to the bathroom. He was having some difficulty getting out of bed, so the wife thought she would do the smart thing and get him a bottle to pee in.

One might think that the correct way to go about peeing in the bottle would be to just press the, er, tip against the opening and let it go. Unfortunately, these two decided to kind of … wedge his penis into the opening of the bottle for maximum spill control. And, well – in it went. The penis wasn’t able to be so easily removed. One could imagine that they really had to wedge it in there.


Credit: Mydrim Jones

The man in question is 29 years old, and reportedly a bit of a slow learner. Perhaps that is what lead to the bottle-on-penis incident. Take couple tries for a valiant fourteen hours to get the bottle off themselves, but in the end it was futile. They had to call for help, because apparently it took fourteen hours to realize that the bottle wasn’t going to come off on its own.


Credit: Mydrim Jones

Firemen managed to remove the bottle from his penis and he went to the hospital for observation. Thankfully, the penis was unharmed. So guys: don’t put your penis inside of something it doesn’t belong in. Ladies: please don’t encourage your boyfriends or husbands to put their penises inside foreign objects.

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